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Steve Allen Society

An Invitation to Share in a Legacy

Comedian, author and composer, Steve Allen spent more than 50 years in show business. He was the founding host of The Tonight Show, a true television industry legend and a national treasure.

Beginning in 1998, Steve launched a public campaign to clean up the medium that made him a legend. In his capacity as Honorary Chairman of the Parent Television Council, Steve lent his name to a nationwide advertising campaign urging concerned parents to hit the networks where it counts: in the pocketbook. In the ad, he said, “TV is leading children down a moral sewer, but you and I can end it….by reaching the TV sponsors whose ad dollars make it possible.”

The first 500,000 members of the Parents Television Council were the people who clipped Steve’s ad out of newspapers across the country, sent a donation, and signed a petition addressed to network executives. The message was simple, “Clean Up TV Now!”

Sixteen years later, Steve Allen’s legacy lives on. The Parents Television Council is alive and strong. Our mission is to protect children from proven harm that comes from being exposed to graphic violence, sex and profanity on television. Your support of his organization makes you a part of every victory we achieve.

The Boards of Directors of the Parents Television Council is inviting you to include this organization in your estate planning. If you notify us that you have made a provision for the Parents Television Council in your will, you will be proudly welcomed as a member of the Steve Allen Society.

For your convenience, I have provided you with you language you can share with your estate planning attorney on the Parents Television Council website http://plannedgiving.parentstv.org. Estate gifts are held in a reserve account and are only used for strategic purposes and at the discretion of the Parents Television Council Board of Directors.

Thank you for your consideration.


Timothy F. Winter

President, The Parents Television Council
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